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Customs organizations and trade entities worldwide use seals to ensure the integrity of containerized cargo while moving from point to point within the Supply Chain. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) verifies the integrity of these seals upon arrival in the United States. After the events of 9/11, it became necessary that all U.S. borders be tightened due to the high risks of terrorist attacks using cargo containers entering the U.S. With the concerns and need for increased security, the quality and integrity of the seal is critical to process of preventing the use of cargo trailers as vehicles to import illicit materials and contraband including Weapons of Mass Destruction and other terrorist devices into the United States. To reduce these risks the C-TPAT program was implemented and made available to those who elect to participate. The participant is required to enhance their security throughout their supply chain in accordance with C-TPAT guidelines and in turn the containers will be able to cross and clear customs more quickly at our nation's borders by using the FAST LANE than those who are not C-TPAT compliant.


Bolt Seals - SnapTracker / Locktrainer SH and SHL

SnapTracker Bolt Seals - C-TPAT Bolt Seal, Meets the standard for High Security Seal as outlined in the ISO/PAS 17712 specifications

1.25" SnapTracker Bolt Seal, Custom Imprint, Packages of 1000
CA$1.50 each

The SnapTracker Bolt Seal is a barrier class seal, designed for securing high value cargo. A solid steel bolt provides strength while a molded plastic coating provides tamper-evidence. Consecutive numbering and company name are laser printed on both the bolt and body to prevent fraud by replacing one of the parts.




AluLock® Cable Seal

Variable length cable seal provides a high level of security via unique locking mechanism and cable design. Passes ISO 17712:2010 test and qualifies as high security a C-TPAT compliant seal. Suitable for shipping containers, rail trucks, plastic distribution boxes and petrochemical valves. Galvanized steel cable is removable with a tool and unravels when cut. Used to secure import/export good worldwide. .


Product Code TA-BREZLOKL
Billable Weight 22.5000
Material Aluminum alloy body, non-preformed galvanized aircraft cable
Priced Per Packages of 200
Dimensions 14" (35.56 cm)

14" AluLock® Cable Seal, Packages of 200

  • Volume Pricing

  • Buy 2 for CA$580.00 each – save 10%


Ball Type Metal Truck Seals - are considered to be the most secure tamper-indicative seals available. Two sprung steel "piano-wire" rings insure positive locking of the sealing strap once fully engaged within the secure Ball-Type locking head. Available with your company name and consecutive numbering embossed into the strap of the seal.

Packed 100 per bundle; 2,500 per carton.

  • Volume Pricing

  • Buy 5 for CA$51.59 each – save 29%
  • Buy 10 for CA$47.96 each – save 34%
  • Buy 25 for CA$43.60 each – save 40%


Plastic Truck Seals - are the most effective and user-friendly alternative to Ball Metal Truck Seals. Company name and consecutive numbering are hot stamped in a contrasting color.


Manufactured in mats of 20; packed 1,000 per box.

  • Volume Pricing

  • Buy 2 for CA$29.74 each – save 30%
  • Buy 5 for CA$27.65 each – save 34%

Tug Tight Seals

Ideal security seal for situations that require varying seal lengths. One-time use, tamper-evident adjustable seal allows user to cinch the seal according to specific size requirements. Heavy-duty plastic one-piece construction and weather-resistant in extreme cold or heat. Individually numbered and stamped with company name. Suitable for trailer doors, tote boxes, bulk tankers, fibre drums, rail cars, and storage cabinets. Made from high density polyethylene and acetal. Available in 12" and 18" lengths. Available colors include: red, blue, green, white, yellow and orange. Specify size and color when ordering.

12" Tug Tight Seal with Custom Imprint, Packages of 1000


Part code
12" Tug Tight Seal, Blue
12" Tug Tight Seal, Green
12" Tug Tight Seal, Orange
12" Tug Tight Seal, Red
12" Tug Tight Seal, Yellow
18" Tug Tight Seal, Blue
18" Tug Tight Seal, Green
18" Tug Tight Seal, Orange
18" Tug Tight Seal, Red
18" Tug Tight Seal, Yellow