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WARNING to All Customers shipping Motorcycles.
No Spare batteries, or any DANGEROUS Goods in saddle Bags or your
bike WILL miss the flight!!

What do I have to do to prepare for my motorbike to be shipped as dangerous good?
Motorcycles are classified as dangerous goods in international air transport. Air Canada had a great deal last summer !!


We will prepare and sign the Dangerous Goods Declaration paperwork for you and fill you in on all the preparation procedures. Departing from ANY major Canadian or International airports around the world, and we will do the return leg of your trip too. ( Example London, Frankfurt Paris)

Now, motorcycles are considered Dangerous Goods for transport by aircraft and as such, certain preparations for the bike (and documentation) are required. No worries! That's where we fit in. Dangerous Goods Packing Services Inc in Mississauga will guide you through the preparation procedure. 

Air Canada Bike program in 2020 you would bring the bike to Air Canada, the day before your flight, with a quarter tank of gas or less. (VERY IMPORTANT) Then disconnect the battery and tape up the leads and the battery posts with black electrical tape. Then tie back the leads to secure them to the bike frame to prevent them from flopping around and causing a short circuit. That's it !  Air Canada will take care of the rest. We will prepare, and sign, a DG declaration form for your trip and just present this form to the DG Air Canada Cargo agent on duty along with your waybill number assigned to you by your Air Canada agent. (you may book up to 30 days in advance) Of course you will have to go through the same procedure when you return. We will prepare documentation for that leg too.

We will prepare and sign the Dangerous Goods Declaration paperwork for you and fill you in on all the preparation procedures. Departing from ANY major Canadian or International airports around the world, and we will do the return leg of your trip too. ( Example London, Frankfurt, Paris)



West Jet Has the best prices is running its discount program for motorcycle shipping again in 2021, and they’ve just determined the prices.

Air Canada and West Jet has been running a promotion that allows riders to ship their motorcycles in the cargo holds of widebody jets. We’ve had several DGP readers who’ve used the service, and while there’s been some confusion over pricing in the past, most have been happy with the service and pricing.

Now, Air Canada and West Jet says it’s offering the program again, for its usual April 1-September 30 season. But unlike years past, which saw the airline offering flat rates through its promotional materials, customers must now call in to get pricing on flights. And, we’ve been told that the price tag is higher this year, thanks to increases in the cost of jet fuel.

Remember, Air Canada and West Jet only offers this service to specific destinations. In the past, South America has been on the list, then off the list, thanks to issues with government red tape on the other end. However, flights to Europe and inside Canada should be back on as usual. For more details on how to prep your bike, where you can fly to, and how much it will cost, your best bet is to contact Air Canada after 



Motorcycle Custom Approved Crating Services

Safety through compliance, ISPM 15 certified facility 

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Are you shipping one way as a permanent export or do you require a round trip costing?
Motorcycle Shipping via Air Freight

Besides ocean transport, our air freight division offers services for both importing and exporting motorcycles from the Canada.

When using either a container or roll on roll off service, most carriers make it optional to have your motorcycle crated.

However, when using any air freight service all bikes must be crated except with the Air Canada Cargo Special accross Canada using certified heat treated and stamped wood.

There are additional documents that are needed with the most important being the Dangerous goods form. Also, the cost of shipping motorcycles with air freight is based on cubic volume due to the demand for space and weight limits on most airliners.

If you need expedited transport for your Harley Davidson or ninja, air freight is an option and works well with short time frames but the tradeoff to this is a higher overall cost.

Cost to Ship a Motorcycle from the Canada

There are really three components that everyone should consider as each shipment varies in the overall cost. These include:

  • Location of your bike
  • Dimensions
  • Selected shipping method/service
  • Final destination

Our Shipping Company

With our motorcycle transport safety records exceeding the industry's standards, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your bike is in safe hands.

Whether you are shipping a Harley Davidson, ATV, quad or dirt bike, you will be comfortable knowing that our motorcycle transport company will take care of all aspects of your shipment

Diverse Range of Bikes Transported

We crate all kinds of bikes:

  • Road
  • Mini 
  • Dirt
  • Track Bikes
  • Trikes
  • Trailers
  • Quads
  • Crated Motorcycles

Enjoy the Summer. This Bike was just Shipped Air Canada


Crating Service available