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Training in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods:

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Directorate at Transport Canada (TC) is reviewing Part 6 of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGR) to determine how to strengthen training requirements and enhance the safe transport of dangerous goods.

Options include carefully developed regulations, standards, and guidelines. At the end of 2014, TC worked with provincial and territorial government officials to suggest potential changes to Part 6 of the TDGR. We asked officials to identify common training issues and challenges inspectors face in verifying compliance, and to propose solutions that could form the basis for improving Part 6 of the TDGR. It was identified that the current regulations do not:

• Allow an inspector to assess if a person (an employee) has sound knowledge of all the relevant topics in Part 6 of the TDGR that directly relates to their job functions, and confirm whether or not he or she is adequately trained

• Specify how to assess training; • Require a specific training curriculum;

• Require training institutions to be accredited by TC;

• Allow TC to assess trainer’s knowledge and teaching methods/materials; and, • Allow a person to use the same training certificate for multiple employers.

TABLE 1: Key challenges and proposed solutions from the 2014 Officials’ meeting. Challenge Proposed solution The term “adequately trained” is not properly defined. There is no clear understanding of what it means to be “adequately trained”.

Currently, all a person needs to demonstrate that he or she is trained, is a valid training certificate. The training certificate demonstrates that the person has received training. It does not indicate their level of knowledge or skill. Inspectors cannot assess whether people are adequately trained because they lack the tools, standards or guidelines to do so. Better define what it means for someone to be “adequately trained.”

Developing a competency-based framework could provide clarity and definition to the term “adequately trained”. This framework would also give inspectors necessary guidance and support their enforcement actions. Lack of assurance that a person is fully trained.

Develop a national standard or guideline for Some employers do not have a way to truly know whether their employees are trained to do their jobs safely, regardless of how or where they were trained.

Trainers also do not have a standard to guide them in developing their training materials. This results in a wide variation of the duration, content, and quality of training in the marketplace. related curricula, training materials and tests. The scope and structure of a national standard or guideline could allow trainers to develop training materials and tests based on modules or units that cover either

• basic aspects of the regulations or
• specialized aspects related to specific job functions No consistent quality of training nationwide.

There is support for additional oversight to ensure that trainers and/or training institutions provide quality training consistently across the country.

Although TC’s website lists training institutions that provide TDG training, it does not endorse them or certify their courses. Certify trainers and accredit training institutions (i.e., private training institution or an in-house training unit within a company).

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