Salvage Drum

Salvage Drums are containers used to ship hazardous materials and dangerous goods. These containers are specifically designed to prevent the spilling and leaking of hazardous materials. Dangerous Goods Packing offers an 85-Gallon Open-Head Salvage Drum made from high-quality carbon steel. This Salvage Drum is exceptionally durable, and it’s one of the most reliable options for shipping hazardous substances safely. It also contains a rust-prohibiting layer on the interior, which allows for the transport of materials and substances without any contamination.

Salvage Drum Details:

Volume 85 US Gallons
Style Open Head
Material Carbon Steel
UN Solid 1A2/X440/S
UN Liquid 1A2T/Y320/S
Thickness 1.2/1.2/1.2
Fittings and/or Gasket EPDM
Closure Bolt Ring
Exterior Color Yellow
Weight 63.00 LBS
Diameter 26.00 Inches
Height 36.80 Inches

For more information about the 85-Gallon Open-Head Salvage Drum, contact our customer service team at 905-677-7066.

85 gallon salvage drum

85 gallon salvage drum

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