Specializing in the Safe Transport of Hazardous Goods

We excel in safely transporting hazardous goods, offering comprehensive services tailored to your needs:

Expert Packaging:

Utilizing UN-certified packaging aligned with IMDG, IATA, ICAO, and ADR regulations.

Thorough Documentation:

Ensuring complete and accurate documentation for air, ocean, and ground transport in compliance with regulatory standards.

Proper Labeling:

Clear labelling of hazardous materials and handling instructions.

Efficient Palletization:

Utilizing ISPM pallets, shrink wrapping, banding, and corner protection.

Secure Storage:

Equipped facilities for safe storage of hazardous materials.

Specialized Container Handling:

Employing techniques to secure shipments within containers, minimizing transit risks.

Consulting Services:

Contact us for expert advice, including assistance with AWB wording and complimentary support for freight forwarders.

On-Site Solutions:

Offering various on-site services to address multiple shipment needs.

Pick-Up and Delivery:

We offer reliable pick-up and delivery services across Canada for hazardous goods and general cargo.

We also provide container placarding and additional services to Please make sure the safe transport of your goods.


And much more, call today to find out!