Packing Infectious

Biological, Infectious, and Temperature-Sensitive Transports

We have been transporting and packaging biological, infectious, and temperature-sensitive samples since 1985. Our trained and dedicated staff understand the needs of the industry and the care required to handle your samples.

We always read through the details that are required to complete the delivery of every sample. If your sample requires freezing or refrigeration, our trained and experienced personnel are dispatched with the correct packaging required to maintain your sample’s integrity through transportation.
Your samples are packaged and delivered directly to the airport for the earliest available flight.

Our staff are trained to report any delays and wait for further instructions. Once we locate your samples, you are notified of the delay and the new expected delivery time. In the unfortunate event that your samples experience an extreme amount of delay, your samples are located, re-iced, and delivered as soon as possible. We ensure to maintain the integrity of your samples.
We pride ourselves on our team’s knowledge and ability to deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers every time.

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