Dry Ice shipments

Do you meet these requirements for Shipping Dry Ice

Substances being packed for transport by air with dry ice as a refrigerant must be packed by an employee trained to pack dry ice. Training is obtained by successfully completing an accredited course.

Dry ice when transported by any mode (e.g. air, road, rail), must be in packaging designed and constructed to permit the release of carbon dioxide gas and to prevent build-up of pressure that could rupture the packaging.

Shipping Dry Ice by air is no easy task. Strict packaging and documentation requirements, airline restrictions. The new 2017 IATA, ICAO, TDG and 49 CFR regulations are now in force with plenty of new changes. Shipments rejected for failure to comply with the regulations could result in legal charges and heavy fines, but most importantly, costly delays! You could avoid all this by letting our trained personnel do it all for you:

  • Proper classification
  • UN specification performance packaging
  • Apply all marks and Labels
  • Signed documentation

We can help you with custom packaging and shipping services

Dangerous Goods Packing Shipping Services has over 37 years of specialized experience in the compliance of Transportation of Dangerous Goods around the world. These regulations require that you follow stringent procedures and documentation to ship materials and products by land, sea or air, in certified containers.

With our in-depth knowledge of required documentation our approved packaging products, we can pack and ship dangerous goods for you. Your product will make it safely to its destination and within the law. Failure to comply with Compliance requirements can result in various enforcement actions. These can include seizure of goods or means of containment or orders to take specific corrective actions. Upon conviction, penalties can include fines, compensation payments, prohibitions, mandatory payments into research funds, and even prison terms. In addition, an offense is a separate offense for every day that it occurs or every day that it continues. The costs of non-compliance are huge. 

Authorized Shippers