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Dangerous Goods Packing and Consultants

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Approved Dangerous Goods Agents for Pickup and Shipping Worldwide.

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We have specialized in preparing, packing and shipping dangerous goods since 1985.

We are a second generation family business. We have been a leader in providing consulting and / or the complete packaging service needs to untrained individuals. Members of the freight forwarding and manufacturing sectors call on our expertise in this field. With the constantly changing transportation of dangerous goods regulations, our TDG, IATA and IMDG consultants are kept updated regularly by CIFFA Canadian Freight Forwarder Association.
. Our industry reputation is that we know dangerous goods regulations. Our knowledge comes from 30 years of practical experience dealing directly with dangerous goods and liaising with airlines, IMDG Sea, and freight forwarders. This experience allows us to anticipate potential problems, and provides insight into how to get your freight to its destination without delays .Saving – costs associated with DGP shipping add up quickly – training your staff, packaging, labeling, stocking inventory and keeping up to date on the ever changing regulations, as well as costs associated with delayed and rejected shipments 

DGP not only classifies, packs, and documents dangerous goods in accordance with applicable regulations but, also assumes all relevant legal liability thereof.  DGP carries comprehensive liability insurance policies which allow DGP to be shown as the shipper on behalf of the actual shipper on the shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods...
Dangerous Goods Services, and Supplies
  • Dangerous Goods Packing
  • Dangerous Goods Freight Forwarding Service
  • Re pour services
  • Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program
  • Domestic Packing
  • Lithium Battery Packing Service
  • Export Packing
  • Corrugated Boxing
  • Palletizing
  • In-transit Warehouse Storage Facility
  • Flexible On Site Services
  • 24 Hour Packing Service
  • Chemical Packing / Sample Packing
  • Classification of Products
  • SDS Classification and Authoring Service's
  • Packing & Re-Packing of Shipments
  • Documentation & Labeling of Dangerous Goods
  • Shipments for all Modes of Transportation
  • Transportation Regulation Compliance
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response Information Service
  • Emergency Packaging, Placards, and Labels (small quantities)
  • Pick up and Delivery Service Canada USA and Around the World
  • Dry Shipper One Way / Return
  • DG can provide the onsite delivery of Dry Ice for your shipments. In addition DG has the ability to top up dry ice on shipments in transit.
  • Free 1 hour E-mail Support
    “DGP will assume all Relevant Legal Liability for Any Work rendered by DGP; We will act as the Shipper of Record on your Behalf on the DGP document”


  • What do I have to do to prepare for my motorbike to be shipped as dangerous good?
Now, motorcycles are considered Dangerous Goods for transport by aircraft and as such, certain preparations for the bike (and documentation) are required. No worries! That's where we fit in. Dangerous Goods Packing Services Inc in Mississauga will guide you through the preparation procedure. 

Bring the bike to Air Canada, the day before your flight, with a quarter tank of gas or less. (VERY IMPORTANT) Then disconnect the battery and tape up the leads and the battery posts with black electrical tape. Then tie back the leads to secure them to the bike frame to prevent them from flopping around and causing a short circuit. That's it !  Air Canada will take care of the rest. We will prepare, and sign, a DG declaration form for your trip and just present this form to the DG Air Canada Cargo agent on duty along with your waybill number assigned to you by your Air Canada agent. (you may book up to 30 days in advance) Of course you will have to go through the same procedure when you return. We will prepare documentation for that leg too. Our cost to you is $113.00 ea. leg. taxes included

After the success of Air Canada's 2015 campaign, offering substantially reduced rates, to "Fly Your Bike" to destinations within Canada and over in Europe, Air Canada is at it again. Starting in May right through September 2016. Take a ride of a lifetime with Air Canada.The rates below are offered for cargo (one way) for the bike as long as a passenger ticket is purchased for you .Pricing from Air Canada 
With a purchase of an airline ticket, the price to take your motorcycle are as follows from Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver going to:
Frankfurt .... $1000 CDN, Return $900 EUR
Paris....... ...$1000 CDN, return $800 EUR
London ......$950 CDN, return $650 GBP
Manchester $1000 CDN, Return $690 GBP
Edinburgh. $1000 CDN, return $690 EBP
Dublin .........$950 CDN, Return   $850 EUR
Brussels.... $1000 CDN, return $800 EUR

Shipping dangerous goods paint UN1263

Dangerous Goods Packing Service

RUSH! We Ship till 7pm nightly for 9 am next day service
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Domestic Pricing
leaving from: Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver $850 CDN ea. way

Dangerous Goods Fee's $113.00 one way
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Transport Canada

Air Cargo Security Program
Dangerous Goods Packing Service is registered with Transport Canada for our ACS Program saving you money and time shipping Dangerous Goods.

We have Develop an ACS Program that meets the high­est standards

Reduce risks to the safety and security of the traveling public

Keep goods moving in and out of Canada efficiently.

The ACS Program is one of many Aviation Security activities (e.g. baggage screening, non-passenger screening, and airport access control) being put in place to mitigate risks to civil aviation .
Strengthening Canadian air cargo security and making it comparable to the air cargo security practices of the United States and other key trading partners will help our economy and position Canada as a strong partner in global efforts against terrorism. 

For More information on Air Cargo Security Click here

IF you would like help with your Cargo Security Program
Give us a call to set up a meeting.


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